Throughout our history we have always been at the forefront of pioneering ESG policy integration, as it is fundamental to our long term economic success and growth.

Pioneers of Policy Integration

We are committed to upholding the highest standards of Environmental, Social, Safety, Sustainability and corporate Governance, typically exceeding European corporate governance guidelines. We look beyond legislative and regulatory requirements and reference the applicable UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as the overarching framework to inform our partnered strategies and ESG target setting.

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The price of greatness is responsibility, and for developing regions like Asia Pacific in the midst of their third industrial revolution, this means a trusteeship to balance economic growth, prosperity and progress with environmental and sustainable initiatives for the future.


Genesis Infrastructure Partners carefully considers corporate governance in every engagement we undertake. We aim to further our sustainability objectives and seek to improve and enhance the governance of businesses that we partner alongside in all geographic locations we operate.


We attribute our continued growth and success to our employees, both direct and indirect, who we ensure provide extensive technical, commercial and engaging expertise. We believe in nurturing our selectively chosen talent and develop individuals with the integrity and professional skills required to work within our team and as an ambassador of Genesis Infrastructure Partners on project sites in the diverse working environments this brings.

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