A global construction industry valued at US$15.1 trillion in 2021

Construction is growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 10%. The total addressable market for Greater China is valued at US$4.5 trillion, including commercial construction, industrial construction, infrastructure construction, energy and utilities construction, institutional construction and residential construction.

Our upstream assets have strong market positions to capitalize on regional infrastructure and construction projects, including quarries to support the manufacture of "Green" Cement and Aggregates dredges to secure Silica for the concrete market.

Through our Consultancy and Project Management engagements we have accessed numerous government-scale infrastructure and commercial real estate holdings, generating a broad range of low-volatility income streams with stable, long-term cash flow.

In 2019 China continued to deliver on their 40 year commitment to "opening up" their economy by opening further industries to full foreign ownership and public-private engagement. We anticipate a wealth of opportunity for proven, pragmatic partners in these respective fields.

The multi-trillion US Dollar Central Party government investment pledge to lower greenhouse emissions has recently proven that China could see its carbon dioxide emissions peak between today and 2025, far sooner than its 2030 target set at the COP21 Paris Agreement on climate change, and a welcome beginning to its Net Zero commitment by 2060.

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