The global transportation market was estimated to be $9.1 trillion as of 2020

Logistics alone accounted for $5.8 trillion in 2020. The value of China's national transport industry hit US$1.8 billion in 2020.

Genesis Infrastructure Partners has benefitted from private investment and commercial engagements in Toll ways, Bridge and Port construction and management joint-ventures. Our chosen transport projects are typically long-term contracts with municipal parties linking mines, farms, freight and existing infrastructure, facilitating our participation in high-growth assets achieving robust, consistent returns.

Regional governments prolonged drive to sustainable ecological stewardship throughout the transport industry ensures a favorable state investment environment for a multi-decade renewable energy commitment to infrastructure, embrace of electric transport and closed-loop industrial processing.

In China specifically, patent applications and investment in innovation for areas such as smart cities, smart grids, electric vehicles, large-scale energy storage and energy big-data are becoming increasingly dynamic.

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